Bambini Child is an online register to help parents find great shopping sites, blogs, SALES, magazines, photographers, giveaway sites, markets and of course handmade delights.

I started this site from my love of the online world and of course shopping and connecting online. I love blogging and have the time to do so regularly. I designed this site to help and introduce online businesses from handmade creators to the land of blogging to anything that you need to source for your children.

I have been an online mum for a number of years now and have seen the growth and development of so many homemade businesses that have made the big time. A lot of this has happened through a huge amount of support through media outlets and other mums spreading the word through social networking sites such as facebook and twitter and of course blogging.

If you are interested sponsorship/advertising is available for those who wish too have a banner on the right side for readers to click straight to their site.

If you wish to have your site, sale featured please email Vicki at bambinichild@gmail.com with your details for your site or sale.

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