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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you had a look at the Japanese Delights at Kawaii Kids

Kawaii Kids is very much Japanese & Korean inspired, with a mix of boutique and handmade labels thrown in.
Kawaii is pronounced ka-why-ee & means 'cute' in Japanese
A little bit about how Kawaii Kids started ...
Very simple really. I wanted a store that was different, a store that would stand out from all the rest. And I think I've succeeded with such a weird, crazy and out there range of clothing, shoes & accessories for your little ones. If I like it, I stock it. If it's different, I have it at Kawaii Kids. It's a constant work in progress to keep things interesting and unique but I love what I've done and where it's going.

Unique, fun and colourful, our stock is always purchased in limited runs and sizes. For everything that is different, funky and quirky, you will find it here at our beautiful site or in our fun store.

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